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In terms of development and printing, how to realize the text on the left side of the QR code (or print two QR codes side by side)?

This kind of demand is relatively common. 

At present, the machines on the market basically only have the printing method of text and pictures. 

However, it is impossible to print text and pictures side-by-side by simply printing text and pictures. 

It can only be realized by using pictures. 

The idea is as follows :

Generate a picture from the text, then combine it with the QR code picture into one, and then call the method of printing the picture to print the synthesized picture, so that the purpose can be achieved. 

In addition, it should be noted that when the picture is merged left and right, two picture heights are required. Consistent, otherwise a black border will appear on the lower side.

 Similarly, 2 images with the same width are required to merge up and down.