QS - 1002

Industrial android tablets

Suitable For A Variety Of Environments


Widely Used In Express Logistics, Financial Insurance, Warehouses,
Retail Stores, Supermarkets And Other Industries

Fastland professional code scanning

With the International Professional Scanning Code Module, can quickly read
the international common one-dimensional/two-dimensional/distorted/defaced
old bar code, so as to keep efficient work at all times.

10.1” High definition screen

800x1280px IPS high definition screen, with strong light to make
the content clearer 700nit sunlight visual technology, high resolution,
high contrast, accurate color rendering

New UHF Pioneer Reader in Dense Environment

Read more than one label at a time,
penetrating strong, can read and write
many times, the memory capacity of data
is large

Fingerprint identification technology
for high-level ID verification

The high performance fingerprint identification chip can
quickly and accurately identify the fingerprint to realize
the fast fingerprint unlock and protect the precious data

Configuration Is More Outstanding

8 Cores

Equipped With MTK Helio 8-Core
High-Performance Processor


Large Memory


Operating System

Work is not limited by the network environment

Support for 5g4g3g2g all Netcom, 2.4 Ghz and 5GHZ VOLTE HD voice calls,
100% increase in dual band Data transfer rate, Bluetooth low energy 5.1 + BLE,
and better data transfer capabilities

IP67 High Level of Protection

Water-proof、Drop-proof、 Dust-proof”Withstand
Impact from High and Low Temperature (-20°C - 55°C )

Handy Business With Multiple Accessories

Wrist Band

With An Extension Strap, It Is Convenient For
Daily Mobile Use. The Wearable Can Be Hung In
The Hand To Complete Other Tasks