80mm handheld terminal with <br />
printer and scanner<br />

PDA - 408

80mm handheld terminal with
printer and scanner

Suitable For A Variety Of Environments


Widely Used In Express Logistics, Financial Insurance, Warehouses,
Retail Stores, Public Service And Other Industries

Support label and receipt printing

Built-in 80mm thermal printer, can print self-adhesive labels while scanning,
printing tickets, vouchers, ticket labels, etc. to make inspection,
ticket checking and inventory more efficient

Quick scan

Powerful 1D/2D code scanning performance, all kinds
of distortion/stain/screen codes can be scanned,Various
barcodes and scanning scenarios are easily handled

NFC read and write function

Communication protocol ISO/IEC 14443A/B, ISO15693,
can be used for short-distance communication between
devices/data transmission, high security, fast and stable
connection, low power consumption.

4G Full Netcom + Dual-Band Wi-Fi + Bluetooth,
High-Speed And Stable Wireless Transmission

Customized fingerprint recognition

Using high-performance fingerprint identification chip,
it can quickly and accurately identify fingerprints.It could
Realize fast fingerprint unlocking, protect precious data
and escort enterprise information security.

Strong and smooth performance

8-core CPU, plus 16GB storage space, powerful configuration
and make its system run more smoothly

IP65 protection grade

Compliant with IP65 standard, dustproof and waterproof
and its body can withstand a height of 1.5 meters.With
The impact of falling, it is designed for the harsh working
environment requirements of enterprise users

Large-capacity battery, durable

4000mAh large-capacity battery, the working power is
guaranteed in strong light environment; detachable
design, the backup battery can be replaced in time
when there is no battery outdoors.

PDA-408 Product Parameters



ARM A53 Quad-cor 64bits 1.3GHz




Interface8.0M pixels camera with LED light


IS07816/IEC 7816 1-4

Data Collection

NFC(ISO/IEC 1443A/B,IS015693)
1D laser scanner, 2D image scanner

Extended Storage

Micro SD (up to 64G)

Fingerprint (Optional)

FPC1020 capacitive pressure type

Touch Screen

Industrial capacitive multi-touch

|P level

IP65 high protection


4G/dual band Wi-Fi/GPS/bluetooth


NFC(ISO/IEC 1443A/B,IS015693)


21 0mm X 85mm X 45mm