Application of PDA401 data collection handheld terminal in parking management

After the vehicle enters the management area, the toll collector uses the parking fee terminal to scan the license plate number and update the parking space status;

When the vehicle leaves, use the parking fee holding terminal to identify the license plate number and obtain the vehicle's time and parking time. The system will automatically calculate parking fees.

The toll collector collects parking management fees from the car owner. After the car owner completes the payment, the handheld terminal will automatically print the charging ticket. Charging is more fair and transparent, preventing human errors, and avoiding disputes caused by private negotiations between car owners and toll collectors.

Unlike traditional enclosed parking lots, the most obvious feature of roadside parking fees is that there are no boundaries and vehicles can enter and exit freely. To some extent, whether it is malicious or unintentional arrears, the issue of arrears will always exist.

Intelligent parking fee terminal is a device dedicated to managing parking fee management, which can reduce manual intervention in the process of parking fee management and make parking fee management work more informationized and mobile.