Qunsuo PDA3505 helps China Petroleum management


1. The realization cost is low. There are many types of traditional terminals worn by field operators, such as mobile phones and walkie-talkies. For example, the explosion-proof intelligent intercom terminal integrating mobile phone and intercom has low cost, and at the same time realizes intelligent and information-based management at a lower cost, with higher safety and efficiency.

2. Strong anti-interference ability. In addition to ensuring safe and reliable communication in a dangerous environment, it can also reflect the environmental data of the factory area more accurately and quickly. The inspector can see the relevant data indicators of the factory area at a glance even with a mobile phone at the central station.

Combined with the Internet of Things technology, it is possible to know the accident or explosion in advance, ensure the safety after the explosion, locate personnel, count the number of people, and decide when it is safe to enter a certain area. It has gradually become one of the necessary tools for underground production management.

3. Intelligent collection of mobile data. Equipped with high-definition cameras, professional loudspeakers, noise-cancelling microphones, indoor positioning, GPS, RFID and other modules, and can also be connected to more inductive identification module back clips, which can be moved for information collection, comparison and data input operations, avoiding the need for work The starting point, the command center and the office run back and forth.

It can complete the global distance-free cluster intercom, remote command and dispatch, intelligent patrol attendance, and high-fidelity on-site multimedia forensics.

On the premise of ensuring safety, the informatization construction has been completed and the efficiency has been improved.

Therefore, intelligent explosion-proof mobile phones and explosion-proof intelligent terminals will definitely become the necessary field equipment for the petroleum and petrochemical industry, industrial intelligence and safe production in the future.