Qunso PDA5501 helps Cr Vanguard to realize digital transformation of retail stores management

Qunsuo empowers China Resources Vanguard in core operation links such as supply chain management, front-end stores, and terminal distribution through multiple digital solutions, helping China Resources Vanguard to build a full-scenario digital operation system.

Digital store full scene management application

1. Management of distribution centers, transit warehouses and front-end warehouses: Through the handheld smart PDA combined with its wms system, a series of labeling management of goods in the distribution center and other warehouses, such as outbound, inbound, and inventory, has also been realized. The high-speed turnover of goods in the warehouse has improved the warehousing turnover rate of China Resources Vanguard.

2. Store goods management: Through the handheld smart PDA, the efficient management of goods in the store, such as putting on, taking off, adjusting, and inventorying, avoids the expiration of shelf goods, and also optimizes the display of store shelves and improves the store. sales efficiency.

3. Picking management for home appliances: through the barcode scanning technology of handheld smart PDA, combined with the picking assistant APP in the picking area of China Resources Vanguard, it supports the business transformation of China Resources Vanguard, and achieves high SKU, high accuracy, and no error. Picking management。

Application benefits

1. With the help of smart terminals and barcode technology, realize the digital operation management of all CR Vanguard product information, and realize the digital management of goods in all scenarios in warehouse areas such as distribution centers and store areas, which greatly improves the efficiency of CR Vanguard's product management .

2. With the help of mobile payment terminal technology, flexible and diverse collection functions are realized, the pressure on the cashier is reduced, the process of consumers from purchasing goods to traditional supermarket counter payment is optimized, and the store sales and floor efficiency are greatly improved.

3. The flexible mobile payment terminal solution also makes it possible for the diversified services and management of CR Vanguard terminals to realize remote management of people, goods and payments.

4. Through the transformation of multiple digital solutions, the overall online and offline operation capabilities of China Resources Vanguard have been reconstructed, and the complete e-commerce capabilities of China Resources Vanguard integrating warehouse, distribution and sales have been enhanced.