Qunsuo PDA3505UHF reader device provides NIKE clothing management system

By operating our hand-held terminal, the staff can directly complete various links such as warehousing/warehousing/inventory management, basic/system information management and data statistical analysis on the job site, reducing the efficiency and error rate of manual operations; For data interaction, through the control and management of data rights, data processing has a complete error correction mechanism, which can detect and process differential data in time, and has a flexible data processing mechanism.

traditional inventory method:

Manual counting, inventory and statistics

Scanner gun + computer inventory and statistics

existing problems

1. The traditional manual inventory method is inefficient

2. Manual recording and statistics have a high error rate in the actual operation process

3. Computer plus scanner is inconvenient in practical application

Handheld terminal inventory:

Mobile inventory + wireless network + RFID warehouse logistics management software


1. Fast, convenient, real-time data upload

2. Ability to discover and process discrepant data in a timely manner, with a flexible data processing mechanism


Stock-in Management

Ex-warehousing Management

Inventory Management

Software and System Applications