QS - 805

Industrial android tablets

Professional Performance Escort For You


2GB RAM+ 16GB ROM Large Memory

Android 7.0/9.0

New UHF Pioneer Reader
in Dense Environment

Read more than one label at a time,
penetrating strong, can read and write
many times, the memory capacity of data
is large

Work is not limited by the network environment

Support for 4g3g2g all Netcom, 2.4 Ghz and 5GHZ VOLTE HD voice calls,
100% increase in dual band Data transfer rate, Bluetooth low energy 5.1 + BLE,
and better data transfer capabilities

Fingerprint identification

The high performance fingerprint identification chip can
quickly and accurately identify the fingerprint to realize
the fast fingerprint unlock and protect the precious data

10000 mAh battery long battery life

Using large capacity battery, fast charging, long standby time more convenient,
Standby Time & GT; 500 Hours Working Time & GT; 12 hours charging time 3.5 hours