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Solve Problems For Customers In Various Industries, And Develop Mobile Handheld Terminal Products Suitable For Various Industries For Logistics Express, Retail Chain, Medical, Public Utilities, Product Traceability, Financial Payment, Industry And Other Fields


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Success Case

Qunsuo provides NIKE clothing management system

Through the RFID warehousing and logistics information management system, Qunsuo provides NIKE clothing can improve the transparency of supply chain management and inventory turnover rate, effectively reduce the loss of out-of-stock, and improve the efficiency of warehousing and logistics within the enterprise.

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QunSuo helped diversify the back office of Wal-mart Stores

Qunsuo handheld Terminal Helps wal-mart supermarket background diversified management

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QunSuo helps African government Social security management

Based on the needs of customers, Shenzhen Qunsuo uses fingerprint recognition technology and through the configuration of tablet computer fingerprint handheld terminals in the industrial zone to help the African government development department establish a complete set of funding system and database, which not only solves the problem of personal identification, comprehensive information collection and other issues, it has also improved the mobility of funding and reduced the cost of relief materials for the Ministry of Social Development.

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