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Certifications| 5502 industrial grade handheld terminal obtained national explosion-proof certification and CCC certification

May 26, 2022

What is explosion-proof pda handheld terminal equipment?

 The industrial-grade explosion-proof PDA is an explosion-proof certified, safe hand-held terminal with anti-static and preventing sparks. Optional support for 1D barcode scanning, 2D barcode scanning, RFID reading and other functions.

Explosion-proof pda:

The pad in the explosion-proof pda is the abbreviation of the English word Personal Digital Assistant, which can help us complete work, study, entertainment, etc. on the move. Classified by use, it is divided into industrial PDA and consumer PDA.

The explosion-proof pda we are talking about here belongs to industrial grade and is mainly used in chemical, petroleum and other dangerous industries.

Handheld Terminal:

Handheld terminals can be seen everywhere in our lives. Nowadays, supermarkets, express delivery stations, etc. 

all use handheld terminals to scan codes to obtain information. 

Some functions of explosion-proof pda handheld terminal equipment are the same as ordinary handheld terminals, 

such as one-dimensional and two-dimensional scanning operation.

To sum up, explosion-proof pda handheld terminal equipment is a high-performance terminal used in hazardous locations. 

For example, the 5502 industrial-grade explosion-proof handheld terminal is actually a high-performance terminal with Android 9.0 system, an octa-core processor, and ultra-fast performance, which can perform diversified operations at the same time. 

And the 5.5-inch IPS high-definition widescreen can bring a comfortable visual experience in various application environments. 

Moreover, PDA-5502 is a terminal specially designed for the use of wireless communication systems in special explosion-proof areas such as petroleum, chemical industry, fire protection, and electric power.

 The explosion-proof mark is Ex ib IIC T4 Gb.