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May 26, 2022

The PDA handheld terminal is a data processing terminal that can be moved and used without connecting to a computer, and the distance from the computer is not limited. The data obtained by scanning is stored in the memory, and then uploaded to the computer server for processing through data communication methods such as WIFI. 

It is a handheld data acquisition device that integrates multiple functions. 

With operating system (Android), memory, CPU, graphics card, screen and keyboard, with data acquisition, transmission and processing capabilities. 

With the development of Internet of Things technology, PDA handheld terminals are used as information data collection and processing tools. PDA handheld terminals have been used in workplaces in many industries. .

Our company now has 5 series of products in the handheld device, namely PDA-5502, PDA-5501, PDA-3505, PDA-401 and PDA-408 series, which can be widely used in logistics express, manufacturing, retail, medical health, public utilities and other fields.

Function of PDA Handheld Terminal

1. Collection function

PDA handheld terminals can be divided into barcode scanning, RFID identification, fingerprint identification, etc. according to the acquisition function; barcodes are divided into one-dimensional and two-dimensional. Only scan 1D codes

2. Operating system

PDA handheld terminal system is divided into Android system and Windows system; Android system: designed for Internet applications, the open mode allows the application to be continuously optimized, and secondary development can be carried out.

Windows CE: The system is designed for a stand-alone computer. Its Internet function and touch screen function are weaker than those of the Android system, but the operation is relatively stable.

3. Wireless communication

The wireless communication methods of the PDA handheld terminal are divided into WIFI, Bluetooth, WCDMA, EVDO, GPRS; the data transmission is fast and stable, which improves the on-site operation efficiency and can meet the requirements of different industries for real-time data processing.

4. Industrial protection grade (IP)

The industrial protection level of the PDA handheld terminal generally reaches IP54, which has a high industrial protection level and can adapt to complex use environments, such as high temperature, low temperature, dust and other harsh industrial environments. Anti-drop, waterproof, suitable for the working environment where the logistics and express delivery industry often encounter bumps. For some harsh use environments, the protection level needs to reach IP65.