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Industry news| Handheld terminal helps retailers realize mobile information management

May 26, 2022

For a long time, the influence of mobile applications on the retail industry has been continuously enhanced. 

In the future, the improvement of information technology on the business of retail enterprises will be further extended.

How to achieve good mobile information management of retail terminals is a problem that retailers are concerned about in recent years. The mobile application of the terminal will be one of the important information tools.

As we all know, the market share and operating conditions of products in the retail industry are determined by the number of retail terminal stores and the sales capacity of a single store. By using handheld terminals and deploying mobile information applications of retail terminals to refine the management of retail terminals, increase single-store sales, and respond quickly and accurately to market changes are the only way for retailers to achieve terminal benefits.

 Retailers hope to strengthen store management and improve management efficiency. 

They can collect various data by using handheld terminal systems, upload and download synchronized data information through GPRS network in real time, and can integrate RFID, wireless, mobile computer, mobile printing, On-site camera and other technologies can monitor the details of retail product terminal sales, effectively prevent dealers from piling up goods and realize the management of store goods.

face the challenge:

1. When faced with challenges in on-site sales, when inquiring about product-related information for customers, the process is cumbersome, the response speed is slow and the customer experience is poor.

2. There are many kinds of products for sale and the inventory check is done by hand or barcode reader, which requires a lot of work and is prone to errors.

3. The statistics of sales data are completed by fixed computer input, which is inefficient and prone to errors and the sales situation cannot be fed back to the manager in time.


In response to the management needs of enterprises for selling goods, combined with the application of wireless network communication technology, an ultra-high frequency circularly polarized handheld terminal is configured for users, which is simple to operate, quick to deploy and functional. 

The staff only needs to hold the PDA to realize the batch inventory of inventory products,connect the Wi-Fi wireless network through the PDA terminal device to realize the real-time inquiry of the commodity information on the sales site, as well as the upload of sales data, intelligent statistics and management, which is convenient and fast, While improving work efficiency and reducing operating costs, 

it significantly improves the level of shopping malls and enhances consumer shopping experience.

Application details:

inventory check

In the inventory process, the intelligent PDA is used to realize the rapid inventory and efficient handover of inventory items, the number of categories is clear at a glance, the visual management of inventory is realized, and the operation efficiency and the feedback speed of the supply chain are greatly improved.

Smart shopping guide

Automatically identify clothing label information through PDA, use Wi-Fi to connect to the database system, obtain all the corresponding pictures and text information of the product in real time, and respond to customer needs as soon as possible.

sales management

PDA can automatically count the sales of goods, including the types of goods sold, specifications, sales volume, sales, etc., and upload the database system in real time through the network, which is convenient for managers to obtain sales information in real time, configure goods in time, and formulate business strategies. Management is more efficient.

Application results:

With the help of PDA, convenient, efficient, interactive and intelligent shopping guide services can be realized, which can respond to customer needs in the first time and improve customers' shopping experience. 

The inventory work is more efficient and convenient.

 The workload that used to be completed manually in a few hours can now be easily solved in a few minutes. 

Real-time transmission of terminal data and management system is realized through the network, which is convenient for the headquarters to understand the sales situation of products in time and optimize the marketing strategy in time. 

The modern approach of intelligent interaction is adopted for store sales and management, which not only improves management efficiency, but also greatly enhances the image of shopping malls and brands, attracting more consumers.