The First Time To Understand The News Of Qunsuo

IOTE 2023 The 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition has concluded successfully!

Sep 23, 2023

This exhibition, with the theme of "IoT Builds the Base of the Digital Economy", was hosted by the Shenzhen Internet of Things Industry Association and was held grandly at the Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an). The three-day IOTE 2023 20th International Internet of Things Exhibition·Shenzhen Station has come to an end. This grand ceremony has been full of gains.

As a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the R&D and design of mobile printing and smart handheld devices, Qunsuo Technology has brought a series of new industrial-grade smart PDA handheld terminals, industrial tablets, portable Bluetooth printers, code scanners, etc. to this exhibition. Rich products.

These products are widely used in logistics and express delivery, financial payment, administrative law enforcement, warehousing management, water and electricity meter reading, product traceability and other fields. Both system configuration and performance are at a completely new level, able to meet customers' full-scenario application needs, helping users significantly improve operational efficiency and operational levels while reducing operating costs.

Through interactive exchanges in the form of exhibitions, forums, speeches, seminars, etc., this exhibition takes leading the development of the digital economy as its own mission and aims to explore the applications and prospects of IoT technology in building the foundation of the digital economy. During the exhibition, IoT companies, experts, and scholars from all over the world gathered together to discuss the latest progress and future development trends of IoT technology, demonstrating the wide application of IoT in various fields.