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Retail | Qunsuo helps Yili backstage diversified management

The goods with labels are scanned and registered, and stored according to the type of goods. When there is demand, the storage capacity and storage period of the

goods can be easily and quickly inquired, so as to facilitate unified deployment.

1. Retail channel sales industry customer needs:

When selling products, large and small enterprises will encounter the following problems, which is a problem that has plagued enterprise management for a long time.

1. What is the sales situation of various products?

2. How to increase sales and how much?

3. What is the company's input-output ratio?

4. How to quickly and accurately collect market data?

5. How to improve the utilization rate of the warehouse?

6. How much is the stock of each product in the terminal store?

7. What is the efficiency of the salesperson's business visit?

2. Use effect:

1. The use of RFID handheld data collection is electronic; business visits are intelligent;

2. The logistics and distribution are easy to check and credible;

3. Market inspections are targeted

4. High enterprise management efficiency, reduce inventory risk, and effectively optimize the work efficiency of business personnel

Through intelligent mobile terminals, intelligent payment terminals and intelligent printing terminals, we help retail enterprises to create digital application solutions for each
link, so that retail enterprises can realize all-round development in production, supply chain, store sales, home delivery and customer experience. The digital operation and
management of people, goods and fields helps retail enterprises adapt to the rapidly changing market dynamics and build their retail digital competitiveness.