Qunso Technology Mountain Climbing in March 2018

  Company news    |      2018-03-13


                     On March 10, 2018, at 4:00 pm, We organized a mountain climbing activity.

       All the colleagues participated actively and laughed all the way.In March, Shenzhen

       was full of greenery, and it was full of vitality. The colleagues  were busy with their

       work, breathing fresh air, exercising their muscles,  exercising, getting close to

       nature and feeling the breath of nature. It helps new colleagues to join the group, to  

       promote mutual understanding and communication between team members, and to   

       strengthen the spirit of teamwork   and cooperation.

      The captain chose a relatively gentle road.


          Everyone breathed fresh air to ease the fatigue of the work; there was talk and laughter along the way.


              The landscape of Pingluan Mountain is vast, mountains and high buildings in the 

 distance are like a beautiful painting.