What is the advantage of QS handheld terminal ?

  News    |      2019-09-25

QS5501 handheld PDA terminal with printer which developed by Qunsuo Technology Co., LTD is a portable intelligent Android handheld device.
It can meet the application of mobile operation in different industries, it supports scanning while printing which is really flexible, portable and

highly efficient.

QS5501 intergrated multiple function such as 1D 2D barcode scanning, RFID, label printing and etc, it is a superb tool for mobile operation

during modern IOT period.
QS5501 handheld scanning and printing product is equipped with 58mm thermal paper, which supports printing receipt, voucher and etc.

It also supports label sticker printing.

QS5501 is based on Android 6.0 operating system, equipped with 4G networkwifiBluetooth communication5M camera8M camera optional),
GPS,NFC,PSAM security encryption data collection functions. In the meanwhile, there are optional 1D/2D barcode scanner, UHF RFID,

fingerprints reader,
ID card reading functions etc. Which can be widely used in car parking, ticket management, stocktaking managementand asset management.

Shenzhen Qunso Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on Androidbased mobile IoT innovation equipment. The Android handheld terminal produced by

QS  has excellent scanning quality, high performance, and accepts the customization of customers. In the industry has a good reputation with

our customers.QS is a national hightech enterprise. The unique technical service team of handheld terminal products .Ensures that you

have no worries about purchasing and using!

The features of QS5501 Android handheld terminal:

Printing immediately ,high efficiency: it can print barcode /qr code ,also can print label ,receipt ,proof,violation ticket and so on .Make patrol inspection, ticket inspection and inventory print more efficiently.

Greater functionality multifunctional integrated machine”:RFID reader and writer ,barcode and qr code scanner ,high speed thermal printer function ,GRS,PSAM secure encryption , fingerprint /UHF reader /ID card reader (optional )

High quality RFID reader and writer function :standardized near field communication (NFC) function,optional UHF reader ,fast speed scan different kinds barcode/qr code ;built-in quad-core processor, multi-task and efficient operation ,2G+16G memory ,support 64G SD card .

Excellent effect of wireless communication: dual card dual standby 4G network communication sound quality clear and pure,wifi , bluetooth ,panoramic seamless roaming .

Portable, flexible and more efficient:compliant with ergonomic design, more comfortable grip.

5.5 inch HD big touch screen :1280*720 resolution,visibility under strong light, excellent visual experience, support wet hand operation.

Super endurance: 7.4V 2950mAh high-capacity polymer batteries ,support scanner ,printer function ,full-function cruise for more than 10 hours to ensure adequate work power consumption.

QS5501 is widely used in parking fees, tickets and tickets, inventory management, asset inventory and so on.

Shenzhen Qunso Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of Android pda terminal/portable printer/barcode scanner with R&D and production/developing capacity, offer OEM/ODM service. our products can intergrated with barcode/QR code scanner, RFID reader and  Fingerprint,

DPM scanner and NFC. they are widely used in logistics express, manufacturing, public utilities, retail, medicine, agriculture and animal husbandry and other fields.